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We are pleased to provide our customers with answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services.

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On the Field

Why are you proposing to internalize blade inspections?

Internalizing our drone based blade inspection solution, helps you reduce costs and increase inspection flexibility.

Do we need a drone pilot's license in order to inspect our wind turbines

and solar panels?

In most cases you need one, but on about 90% of wind or solar sites the training lasts only one day. Official sourceContact us here to find out what training applies.

We manage different types of wind turbines, is your solution compatible with any models?

Yes, SkyVisor Wind adapts its flight according to your wind turbine specifications.

Must we stop the turbine to carry out inspections?

Indeed, you should stop the machine for 20 minutes in order to inspection all 3 blades, but you don't have to achieve a rotor lock or pitch the blades.

Could we use the same solution to inspect our solar plants with thermal images ?

Absolutely ! Our solution SkyVisor Solar makes you able to achieve thermal inspections of you solar panels in order to find hot spots, diode issues or disconnected panels.

Is it difficult to pilot the drone during the inspection and take manual pictures?

You must control the drone to take 4 key pictures, then the inspection is automated and takes only 20 minutes. Feel free to check out our introduction video here.

Is you solution suitable for inspection in any country?

Yes. SkyVisor can be used anywhere in the world on all types of wind turbines. Nowadays, UAVs legislation greatly facilitates its use in business environnement. Do not hesitate to contact us here.

How many inspections can I make per day with your solution?

Our customers inspect an average of 12 wind turbines per day but some overstep the mark during summer days!


Web Application 💻

How do I access my inspections results?

You can access all inspection images directly from the online platform app.skyvisor.io accessible anytime from any web browser.

Are defects annotated automatically?

Absolutely ! Our deep learning algorithms support you during the annotation process in order to label faster and more precisely.

How can I share my inspections and analytics?

They are several way of doing the easiest one is definitely by inviting your colleagues and subcontractors on the platform but you can also send them the automatically generated PDF report.

Can I customize defects labelling and reports?

Sure, you can customize any of them according to your company prerequisites.

Who takes care of analyzing the images after the inspection?

Either you do it yourself from our platform helped with machine learning or we can do it for you if you prefer or run out of time, it's really up to you, we adapt.

Could we import our own pictures on SkyVisor Wind?

Of course, our goal is to give you the best tool to track defect evolution over time, we can integrate any type of image sources. Just contact us for more information


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