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We are pleased to provide our customers with answers to the most commonly asked questions about our inspection solution.

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On the Field

Why are you proposing to internalize blade inspections?

By internalizing your assets' inspections, you can significantly reduce costs, enhance your planning flexibility, and pursue a predictive maintenance strategy which again decreases overall O&M costs.

Do we need a drone piloting license in order to inspect our wind turbines
and solar panels?

This always depends on the exact circumstances of your assets' location. A license will be compulsory for most of the typical solar plant and wind turbine locations, yet usually the training for the required license takes no more than a single day ( > source). Furthermore, we will be happy to assist you by providing a training for your technicians led by one of our top-notch drone specialists. Contact us to have us assist you in finding out which trainings are required on your assets' sites. 

We manage different types of turbines/solar plants. Is your solution compatible with any type of model?

Yes, our drone automatically creates a flight plan tailor-made for your turbine/solar plant, taking into account the precise turbine model, or the shape and elevation of the solar plant, respectively.

Do we have to stop the turbine in order to be able to inspect with the SkyVisor Wind solution?

Yes, you will have to stop the turbine for about 20 minutes in order to inspect the three rotor blades. Yet, only one rotor stop is required for the entire inspection and you will not have to pitch the blades or lock the rotor.

Can we use the same drone and interface to inspect both our solar and our wind assets?

Absolutely! If you plan on inspecting both solar and wind assets, it suffices to acquire only our solar solution drone, as it comprises both a thermal and a visual sensor. Moreover, the inspection planning and data processing before and after the inspections can be taken care of within the same interface, enabling you to have all of your solar and wind data stored in the same place and not having to adapt to different systems.

Is it difficult to pilot the drone during the inspection and take manual pictures?

Not at all. Our drones and pertinent remote controllers are very easy to use, and you will receive a personal training on top to ensure a smooth and enjoyable first contact to our inspection tool. Moreover, you will only have to fly the drone for the first few minutes of the inspection in order to take four key pictures, and afterwards it flies and captures the data fully automatically. Meanwhile, you can lean back and proceed to making your first annotations regarding defects on the remote controller. Feel free to check out our introduction video here.

Is your solution deployable in any country?

Yes, our inspection solution can be used anywhere in the world, as contemporary UAV legislation has been designed to facilitate its usage for business environments. To find out more about international inspections, do not hesitate to contact us here.

How many inspections can I make per day with your solution?

Our customers inspect an average of 12 wind turbines per day but some overstep the mark during summer days!


Web Application 💻

How do I access my inspections results?

You can access and edit all of the data acquired during your inspections via our online platform, which is accessible at any time from no matter what web browser.

Are defects annotated automatically?

Absolutely ! Our deep learning algorithms support you during the annotation process in order to label faster and more precisely.

Can I share the data acquired during the inspection as well as the inspection report?

Yes, there are several ways of sharing your data. For instance, you can simply invite your colleagues or subcontractors to the platform. Alternatively, you can also forward the resulting inspection report, which is generated automatically within our platform.

Can I customize defect labeling and reports?

Sure, you can customize any of them according to your company prerequisites.

Who takes care of analyzing the images after the inspection?

You can either analyze the data yourself, with the assistance of our customized AI, or we can have one of our blade specialists analyze the data for you.

Can we import our own data, which has been acquired during past inspections, in the SkyVisor inspection interface?

Of course you can! Our objective is to provide you with a top-notch tool for defect evolution tracking – we can integrate any type of image sources. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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