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Wind turbine 


Optimized blade maintenance thanks to automatic data acquisition and machine learning.



Easy to deploy

100% automated
Any turbine, any yaw angle



120 images per blade
Centimetric positioning
Standardized, high-res images

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25 min inspection
Only 1 rotor stop
Spontaneous usage


Periodic inspections

End of warranty

Post work assessment

Wind farm comissioning

Due diligence procedures

Reducing operational downtime and increasing your blade awarness are our top priorities.


Minimize operational downtime

Drone Legislation Management  |  Downtime optimization

Operational downtime constitutes the number one cost in O&M budgets. With SkyVisor Wind, you can inspect whenever, wherever, and as many times as you want, enabling you to minimize your operational downtime.
Above all, our software will ensure that each and every inspection's framework is ideal, by taking into account weather predictions, technicians planning and the local drone legislation. Lay back and readily schedule your inspection via our web interface, while our software takes care of the rest.

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Collect uniform high-quality data

Autonomous flight  |  All 4 blade sides covered

Our unique data acquisition system enables you to scan the entire turbine in less than 25 minutes by using our fully autonomous drone solution. Our high-density data collection ensures that every detected defect can be seen from three different points of view, as our drone will capture up to 150 images per blade.
See our acquisition flight path in action ➔

Review faster than ever

AI based  |  Automatic defect detection

SkyVisor Wind enables you to readily detect erosion, lightning impacts, voids, and clogged drain holes right from your desk. Reduce the time spent on defect reports up to 50% thanks to our AI based automatic defect detection feature: Once all data has been uploaded after the inspection, our algorithms will pinpoint the defects for you, customized according to your preferences (labels, defect origins and categories). All you need to do is validate the annotations and skim the resulting interactive as well as easily distributable report.
Get an exemplary report ➔

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Go back into your blades' history

Centimetric inspection  |  Blade digitalization

Our extremely precise inspection solution enables you to monitor each and every defect's evolution over time. Never has it been this easy to determine a defect's root-cause and to ascertain the exact date of its appearance. Our high-precision monitoring grants you more freedom and assurance in decision-making, enabling you to adopt the most cost-effective maintenance strategy and postpone minor repairs.

Digitalization is the one and only way of speeding up your decision-making and determining the most cost-effective maintenance strategy with more certainty than ever before.

Wind video


Predictive maintenance

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Uniform image quality

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Cost reduction

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Increase in work safety

Standardized data collection

Shorter plant downtime



You are interested in digitalizing, standardizing, and automating your assets' inspections? We are looking forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as possible!

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